Mechanical Engineering

DVPE mechanical engineering designs have won nine state and national awards. Our goal is to deliver maximum efficiency while minimizing utility costs with no compromise in occupant comfort, indoor air quality or humidity control.

Examples of our mechanical solutions include:

  • SmartLoop™ HVAC System - In response to shrinking project budgets and increasing demand for air conditioning, DVPE engineers invented a better system for heating and cooling. The 135+ successful projects with SmartLoop™ have proven to be less expensive to build, less expensive to operate and easier to maintain than any other option, with no compromises in indoor air quality, occupant comfort or humidity control. “SmartLoop™” is a five time state/national award winner.
  • Dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller (DHRC) - This is another technology that DVPE has helped to invent and pioneer. DHRC has specific applicability in any building where humidity control is vital, such as a library. DHRC is the wave of the future - an environmentally-responsible, cost-effective and money-saving alternative over the “traditional” ways.
  • Condensing Boiler Technology - DVPE is one of the country’s leading proponents of condensing boilers. Where properly applied, our systems will save 50-70% of utility costs over conventional boiler plants.
  • Free Cooling and Free-Free Cooling - Using outside air in lieu of running air conditioning, when appropriate, is called “Free Cooling”. But some DVPE mechanical systems actually cost less to operate than “Free Cooling”, hence “Free-Free Cooling” is a real payback situation.

MBE, DBE, and 8(a) Certified Firm
INDOT Pre-Qualified