Schrott Building

Collaborative problem-solving is the essence of the Durkin & Villalta Partners Engineering philosophy. Our clients are our partners, and we are stewards of their resources. Every project is important, as every job impacts someone’s comfort, safety, budget and the environment. Our nationally recognized engineers create solutions that are innovative, affordable, and environmentally responsible, for clients large and small. Our role does not end when the project has been built. Where needed, we remain partners for training and follow up.

At DVPE, we strive to create high-performance, innovative solutions that fulfill our primary goal of saving our clients money. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Our goal is to create simple innovations that are less expensive to build and operate and easier to maintain. Our designs, systems and standards are continuously developing, allowing us to learn what we are doing right and what can be improved. This ensures that each solution is better than the last.

All of our engineering services build on:

MBE, DBE, and 8(a) Certified Firm
INDOT Pre-Qualified